First of all, I wish All of You a Happy New Year and easy to find 22 Long Rifle ammunition!

Wow!  Aren't we glad we use 22 Long Rifle ammunition for plinking and target shooting!  And yes varmint hunting!

The majority of the other common caliber ammunition is extremely hard to find.  Take 9MM ammo.  Go online and search.  Go to your local Walmart or other big chain and see if you can find any.  When you do, you will probably be paying a couple extra dollars per box not to mention brands, grain and bullet tips you probably wouldn't normally choose from.

Yup!  22 Long Rifle is the boss!  Well, at least in terms of the 22 caliber pistols listed on this site for plinking, target shooting and varmint hunting which is what this site is about.

For example, how about a box of Winchester 50 rounds of 9MM 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket for around $22, IF you can find it?  Compare that to readily available CCI 22 Long Rifle 375 rounds of 36 Grain Copper Hollow Point for around $27.  The price of 22 LR may have gone up in the past couple of years and even a bit now, but do the math and see how much it costs per shot.  Still an excellent and affordable option!  I don't know about you, but I'm going target shooting without first running all around town looking for ammo or getting frustrated at the escalating price.

Of course I'm comparing apples to oranges but you get the idea!