22 Caliber Pistol Review of the Chiappa 1911-22 22 Caliber Pistol Review of the Ciappa 1911-22

22 Caliber Pistol review of the Chiappa 1911-22

The specifications of the Chiappa 1911-22 are:

Caliber: .22LR

Capacity: 10+1 rounds

Action: Single-action

Barrel length: 5"

Front sight: Ramped

Rear sight: Adjustable for windage

Overall length: 8.5"

Weight: 33.5 ounces

Grip: Stippled hardwood

Frame: Chiapalloy

Slide: Aluminum-zinc alloy

Finish: Black (several other finishes are offered)

Safety: Left side (also has manual keyed safety)

Slide stop: Left side

Magazine release: Left side

Accessory rail: None (Picatinny style on the Tactical model)

MSRP: $299


Considering the price point, very accurate when used with better quality ammunition and good quality parts being used.  Style and operation is very similar to that of a true 1911.  Comes with two (again, 2) 10 round magazines.  As you will note in the other reviews of 22 caliber pistols on this website, the majority come with 1 magazine only.  When shooting a .22LR semi-auto pistol, you will quickly go thru a magazine in no time at all, so it gets very frustrating when you have to stop every 10 shots.


Try to keep your firing-hand thumb away from the slide during firing or if against it, make sure it's not sitting heavily against it.  The recoil spring is very light, a heavy thumb dragging on the rail can induce a malfunction.  As is the case with almost every 22 caliber pistol being reviewed on this site, better quality ammunition will give you a much better experience and it still costs a fraction of the bigger caliber ammunition.

Other than the trigger this 22 Caliber Pistol is a very reasonable 1911 style pistol which mimics very well it's bigger caliber brother.


Very heavy trigger (this should change for the better when the model receives a steel trigger).  Front site has to be carefully filed in order to be adjusted.  After adjusted it should be coated with a "Cold Blue" product.  The only problem with this is if you over adjust or if you ever sell it, your adjustment may not match the next person's shooting characteristics.

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