22 Caliber Pistol review of the ISSC M22

The specifications of the ISSC M22 are:

Caliber: .22LR

Capacity: 10 + 1 rounds

Action: Single-action

Barrel length: 4"

Front sight: white dot post

Rear sight: windage-adjustable white-outlined notch

Overall length: 7"

Weight: 21.4 ounces

Grip: Black synthetic

Frame: Polymer

Slide: Alloy

Finish: Black (other options available)

Safety: Trigger safety, ambidextrous hammer decocker and safety, passive firing pin safety, and magazine disconnect

Magazine release: Left side

Accessory rail: Picatinny

MSRP: $330

Pros: Reasonably accurate .22LR pistol which comes in a hard shell case.  Disassembly is very easy.  Has various safety features which can help the beginner feel more comfortable owning it.  It's a well balanced 22 caliber pistol which aids the beginner in daily use and target acquisition at the range.  The front sight is interchangeable with a couple sights that come with the pistol so as to adjust target aquisition related settings.  Another nice feature the ISSC M22 pistol has, which not all .22LR pistols have, is that the slide will remain open after the last shot has been taken.

Comments: If you like Glocks then this is the training pistol to get.  The ISSC M22 pistol is very similar to a Glock 19.  Since its caliber is .22LR, you can practice all day long at the target range.  Safety features are many, so many that some may think it hinders practical usage, however for the beginner they add to the confidence the beginner needs.  Regarding ammunition, it is recommended and seems to be true, to use high velocity types of ammunition.  Also, there seems to be a break-in period of a couple hundred rounds and maintaining it clean helps very much.

Cons: Again, only one magazine.  I really wish all .22LR pistols came with two magazines.  Better quality ammunition such as high velocity which several .22LR caliber pistols recommend and may even require, is still extremely cheap when compared to 9MM and up ammunition.  Therefore you will be shooting a lot!  The front sight on the ISSC M22, which is a platic interchangeable piece can come off if hit or brushed upon in a rough manner so you might be ordering a couple spares.

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