22 Caliber Pistol Review of the Smith & Wesson M&P22 22 Caliber Pistol Review of the Smith & Wesson M&P22

22 Caliber Pistol review of the Smith & Wesson M&P 22

The specifications of the Smith & Wesson M&P 22 are:

Caliber: .22LR

Capacity: 12+1 or 10+1 round models 1

Action: Single Action (SA) 2

Barrel length: 4.1" (threaded)

Front sight: Drift adjustable

Rear sight: Click adjustable

Overall length: 7.6"

Weight: 24 ounces

Grip: Polymer (the M&P 22 has a fixed backstrap)

Frame: Metal

Slide: Aluminum aerospace alloy

Finish: Black

Safety: Ambidextrous

Slide stop: Ambidextrous

Magazine release: Reversible

Accessory rail: Picatinny style

MSRP: $419


12-round magazine which has 2 rounds more than many other rimfire pistol magazines.  However, this also depends on the state you live in.  Check your state's gun laws beforehand.

The M&P22  has the same full size feel of the centerfire M&P pistols and does a great job of matching the M&P9 and M&P40 size, weight and ergonomics.

Ambidextrous slide stop and thumb safety and reversible magazine release button.

Adjustable sights.

Field stripping the pistol is very simple which is always a plus for the novice.  This characteristic will help keep the M&P 22 clean and functioning correctly.

It looks really good when compared to the other 22 caliber pistols but I have to admit, that is subjective.  Still …

Also, the M&P 22 is made by Carl Wather GmbH.  Some people may consider that a plus.


The rear sight has a slightly dark picture since it has a black blade with no dots, but there was ample space in the notch to allow for aligning the front sight.

This pistol does not come with the interchangeable grips like the M&P9 and M&P40.  It comes with a medium sized fixed backstrap grip.  However, the size of the M&P 22 is nearly identical to the M&P9 which help the novice a lot when moving from a .22 LR pistol to a 9 MM semi automatic.


The M&P22 only comes with a single magazine.  Nowadays, many pistols are coming with two magazines included and when shooting .22 caliber ammunition, you'll be shooting a lot and therefore loading the same magazine over and over.  You can always order additional magazines from S&W.

It would help if the sights were of the three-dot type.  But that also is subjective.  To some, simply aligning the dark rear notch with the font dot may be actually a good setup.  Rent one at your local shooting range and test one out.

1 Several states have restrictions as to the capacity of a magazine.  City and county laws may be more restrictive.  Familiarize yourself  with your local gun laws.

2 If a pistol has an exposed hammer or is striker fired the characteristic feature of the single-action semi-automatic pistol is that the weapon is automatically re-cocked after firing. A single action pistol cannot be fired when the hammer is down.

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