Walther P22 Caliber Pistol Walther P22 Caliber Pistol


22 Caliber Pistol review of the Walther P22

The specifications of the Walther P22 are:

Caliber: .22LR

Capacity: 10+1 rounds

Action: Double Action / Single Action (DA/SA) 1

Barrel length: 3.42" (5" for the Target model) (interchangeable)

Front sight: 3 interchangeable sites included (elevation)

Rear sight: Adjustable for windage

Overall length: 6.26" (3.42"model), 7.84" (5" Target model)

Weight: 15.1 ounces without the magazine (3.42" model), 18.5 ounces without magazine (5" Target model)

Grip: Polymer (interchangeable backstrap)

Frame: Polymer

Slide: Zinc alloy

Finish: Black (available in a number of other colors/color combinations)

Safety: Ambidextrous (also has a trigger lock for safe storage purposes)

Slide release: Left side of the pistol

Magazine release: Ambidextrous

Accessory rail: Picatinny

MSRP: $379


Very light and easy to operate.  Almost all controls are ambidextrous. Reasonably accurate with the correct ammunition.


Handling much like the centerfire P99, the P22 is an inexpensive, reasonably quiet, light-kicking 22 caliber pistol.  75% of the Walther P99's site. 


Can be picky with ammunition.  Depending on the ammunition being used, usually cheaper bulk type, chambering and feed problems can occur.  Walther actually recomends high velocy CCI Mini Mag round nose coated lead ammunition.  Supplied with only one magazine.   Nowadays, many pistols are coming with two magazines included and when shooting .22 caliber ammunition, you'll be shooting a lot and therefore loading the same magazine over and over.  You can always order additional magazines from Walther.

1 On a semi automatic pistol, when the hammer is not cocked you can pull the trigger and it will cock and fire the pistol.  You do not have to cock and fire the pistol with the trigger for every shot because the slide cocks the hammer when it cycles.  The first heavier trigger squeeze is the DA/SA part of it and the subsequent lighter squeezes are the SA single action part of it.

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