Walther PPK/S .22 Walther PPK/S .22

22 Caliber Pistol Review of the Walther PPK/S .22

The specifications of the Walther PPK/S .22 are:

Caliber: .22LR

Capacity: 10+1 rounds

Action: Double Action / Single Action (DA/SA) 1

Barrel length: 3.3"

Front sight: Fixed

Rear sight: Fixed

Overall length: 6.1"

Weight: 24 ounces with an empty magazine

Grip: Checkered panels

Frame: Alloy 2

Slide: Alloy 2

Finish: Black or Nickel plated

Safety: Manual safety on the slide and loaded chamber indicator – Left hand side

Slide release: Manual

Magazine release: Left hand side

Accessory rail: None

MSRP: $399

Pros: Small form factor, relatively light weight (but does have some mass to it which makes it feel a little more substantial) and highly concealable.  Extremely easy to field-strip.  Minimal recoil.  Beaver tail extension which makes fit into one's hand in a more secure manner.  Good accuracy for such a small barreled .22LR caliber pistol.  This 22 caliber pistol is not very picky about ammunition however, like the majority of .22LR pistols, yours may function better with a certain brand.  Thankfully the SA (single-action) trigger pull is very good which greatly alleviates the negative DA (double-action) criticism below.

Comments: I want to start out by saying that although I'm going hard on the DA trigger, I'm not saying that because of that it's a bad target pistol, just be aware of that characteristic.  This is the first run of the re-introduced PPK in .22LR so Walther may tweak the DA trigger as time goes by.  And don't forget, the SA is great!  So skip the DA and go straight to the SA for an awesome day at the target range.  Now allow me be a little subjective.  This 22 caliber pistol IS SEXY!  If you have watched any classic James Bond movies you know exactly what I mean!  It WILL stand out at the target range and because overall it is a very good and easy to handle pistol, in the end this pistol will be highly enjoyable.

Cons: There are two major problems with this pistol.  The first one is the DA (double-action) function of the trigger.  It is so heavy that shooting it in this manner is practically useless.  Many target shooters need to use two fingers to fully activate the trigger in this mode.  It will throw your aim completely off and if it's off two things will happen: target missed and worse, your bullet will end elsewhere.  Not a huge problem when shooting in or at a good range.  The heavy trigger in DA also makes the highly concealable characteristic of this pistol a difficult sell.  The second issue is the hard to view/use sights.  If your eyesight is great, then you should be good to go, but on the other hand if you're a little older or have not so perfect eyesight, it's hard to acquire your target.  Some target shooters have carefully marked both the front and rear sights with white coloring.

1 On a semi automatic pistol, when the hammer is not cocked you can pull the trigger and it will cock and fire the pistol.  You do not have to cock and fire the pistol with the trigger for every shot because the slide cocks the hammer when it cycles.  The first heavier trigger squeeze is the DA/SA part of it and the subsequent lighter squeezes are the SA single action part of it.

2 In very simple terms, alloy is a mixture of two or more chemical elements.  Examples are solder, brass, amalgam and pewter.  Aluminum on the other hand is a chemical element itself and in this case not an alloy.  Since I am not 100% sure about the metal composition of this 22 caliber pistol, I have characterized it as an alloy.

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